6 Best XBox One Emulators For PC {2018 Updated}

XBox One Emulators

Ever ogled at a PlayStation and dreamt of owning an Xbox One console! Well, it indeed isn’t affordable for all. So, what does a hardcore gamer do? Well, in this article, we shall address precisely this. Read on to find out more. Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming consoles today. Before proceeding further, let’s talk a little bit about how exactly we can do it. Well, it’s called an emulator! An Emulator is a software that creates a similar user interface that an Xbox One Console gets. You can use these emulators to run any of your Xbox files that are designed mainly for that device. Here is a list of the best XBox One Emulators For PC an experience as Xbox!

Top 6 XBox One Emulators For PC


Xeon is unarguably one of the best emulators considering its performance with minimum system requirements. However, Xeon cannot run some of the Xbox games. As it says, it can only support the ‘Halo’ game. The reason being Xeon was taken back for further development just after this game. You can lower end games but at the cost of performance. However, the best part is that this Xbox one Emulator supports both Windows OS and MS-DOS. Also, it comes with a manual of instructions. Some of the prerequisites to run Xeon Emulator on your PC are as follows:

  • Latest Windows XP processor
  • DirectX version
  • Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz (minimum)
  • GeForce FX or Radeon 9200 Pro graphics chip (minimum)
XBox One Emulators For PC


Xenia is another very popular emulator. It is designed on Xbox 360 we can call this Xbox 360 Emulator For PC design but equally capable of running Xbox One games as well. This emulator is capable of running 50 titles at once. At times, the emulator does show lag issues, but the vast support of most of the games available on Xbox makes it popular amongst the gamers. Developers are continuously working on updating this emulator.

XBox One Emulators For PC

So, this makes it one of the best and most stable Xbox One emulators to use. The latest version of this emulator comes with new updates and bug fixes. But is a bit slow on lower specification computers? You can cut short this drawback at the cost of the added features!

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HackiNation Emulator

HackiNation Emulator is designed in such way that it provides an unstoppable gaming experience for all the hardcore gamers even at the most basic system requirements. It is a heavy duty emulator and can quickly run all high memory games without any bugs or delay or even critical frame drops.

XBox One Emulators For PC
HackiNation Emulator

Also, this Xbox One emulator supports most of the Xbox One games. So, you are at an excellent choice from among a list of top emulators! Some more unique features of this favorite emulator are that it supports custom mapping of keys and controls, supports Multiplayer game titles via Xbox Live and even promotes full-screen gameplay and HD graphics window. Even at heavy gameplay, you shall not face any lags.


  • It can be run on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS.
  • Requires only 1GB of RAM.


  • Could not find any drawbacks of this emulator till now.


CXBX is another very popular Xbox one emulator designed for your Windows PC. Since its first release, the creators of CXBX are continually updating, fixing bugs and adding new features to the higher versions of this Xbox One Emulator. The requirements to run CXBX requires Window 7 or above and a video card that supports Direct3D 9. The UI of this emulator is pretty simple.

XBox One Emulators For PC

It converts the XBox gaming file to a .exe file, and after that, it is pretty simple! Just install the file and run your favorite games on your PC! However, for running higher end games, you need a system with higher specs for total lag-free gaming. Also, this XBox One emulator is capable of emulating many XBOX SDK samples.


  • It has inbuilt XBox executable viewer to view the game files.
  • It has the ability to run Xbox Pixel Shaders
  • It has the capability of emulating Xbox SDK samples.


  • As this emulator uses high resources, your PC should be a good build and have certain specifications.
  • This emulator supports only five Xbox games.

DXBX Emulator

Though this name might be entirely unfamiliar, DXBX Emulator is another excellent Xbox One emulator to use for the gamer within you. It works almost similar to the favourite CXBX emulator. It allows you to convert original game’s image file to .exe file then enjoy playing the game! DXBX requires a Windows 8.1 or above PC running on at least 4GB of RAM. But at this moment, it supports only 32- bit Windows.

XBox One Emulators For PC

With these requirements, you can easily play your favourite Xbox one games without any lags. Additionally, this emulator comes with a preloaded Direct3D8 engine which performs all graphics work. You all love playing Call of duty, Ghosts, don’t you? Well, this is the perfect XBox One emulator for pc.


  • It is packed with customizable sophisticated symbol detection system.
  • This comes with a pre-loaded Direct3D8 engine and it performs all the graphics related work.
  • It has all the Xbox APIs implemented along with Kernels.


  • This emulator works only with 32-bit machines and not 64-bit.

EX360E Xbox 360 Emulator

EX360E is one of the best Xbox emulators For PC. But this emulator is still under experiment and development! It is suitable for running both XBOX One and XBOX 360 games. The best part being this emulator runs without the need for a virtual environment. It supports GUI and patcher for a smooth and better gaming experience. Also, you can use this emulator to run your favorite arcade games. Though the graphical user interface is not that appreciable, you may expect improvements in the upcoming versions!

XBox One Emulators For PC


  • You can play arcade games very smoothly over here.


  • Its GUI is not that appreciable.
  • You might find some fixes in the upcoming c=versions as it is still developing.

Final Words

Xbox One Emulator is the perfect program to use on your Windows PC for an XBOX gaming experience free of cost. In this list, we tried providing with all the major popular Xbox One emulators with their requirements. Though most of the emulators are still under development, you can always choose your favorite XBox One emulators to play your favorite games on your Windows PC! In case of further queries, feel free to contact me.



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