9 Ways to Find Who Views Your Instagram Profile | 2018 Edition

Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Do you want to know who views your Instagram Profile? Way back in 2010, Instagram was not such a favorite app, but in 2012 it became the second most used app after Facebook, users loved to share their stories and photos. According to the fact, until now almost 40 billion of the users have shared their stories and pictures. There is hardly any day when we don’t use this app; it has been like drugs in our system. After all, it provides us with so many filters which make our photos look damn excellent and extraordinary.

Every one of us wants to become INSTA-SUPER-STAR, we always want to have more followers to show-off and become famous in the group. But, it has given rise to many stalkers and crimes also. Like Facebook, it doesn’t permit you to check who viewed your account. Well, let’s see some of the ways to understand who views your Instagram profile.

How To Find Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Method #1 Follower Insight For Instagram

We are still not aware of who is secretly stalking us on Instagram. With the help of Follower Insight For Instagram, we can see who views our profile, who has unfollowed us and who has blocked us on Instagram. It notifies us every time whenever such malicious activity (like one said above which is considered offensive by the people nowadays) has taken place.

What features it has:

  • Media related analytics
  • Check the time for posting posts
  • It automatically learns about the user’s pattern
  • How many times do you switch your account? It keeps track of that too
  • Easy to use and fast

Let’s see some user reviews about this app. Well, the last version of this app was more effective and useful, but this version lacks some of the above features especially can you see who views your Instagram feature.

Method #2 Follower Analyzer (Instagram)

Have you ever came across some unusual Instagram profile and found it so surprising. We usually follow celebrities and paparazzi’s support them and keep track of their profile like, who has continuously liked their pictures, who is the regular commenter, and many more things. Follower Analyzer app behaves precisely like paparazzi’s and keeps track of yours as well as your friends account. Let’s see some of the features that it gives:

  • Information like who unfollows you, track new followers, find out about the stalkers, etc.
  • You can see the one who has never liked or commented on your profile pic.
  • You can see the one who always likes’s your posts.
  • We can also view your top most liked and commented posts.
  • You can see who has tagged you the most.
  • Analyze your followers, and it also provides look around feature to discover what people post around you which demands GPS enabled on your phone.

Let’s see some user’s review for the same.

Well, this app works with who views your Instagram feature.

Method #3 Follower Tracker For Instagram

Follower Tracker app has the catchiest tagline, “Find your Instagram un-followers, ghost followers, loyal followers and much more all-in-one.” This works same as above let’s see the best and the most useful features of this app:

  • It analyzes your account
  • It checks gains or loss of the followers
  • Track the performance of your posts
  • Find out ghost followers
  • Tracks the one who is more interested in you
  • Give other issues or insights related to your account

Let’s see some user reviews about this app.

By the overall reviews, we can figure out that, this app works with the feature of can you see who views your Instagram story or profile.

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Method #4 Unfollowers & Followers Analytics For Instagram

Unfollowers & Followers Analytics app is no different from the previous one. It has the same features like the one above; it also has some of the additional functionality such as “who follows me on Instagram,” “who unfollowed me on Instagram,” delete Instagram followers and unfollow all the non-followers on Instagram in just one click.

They collect most of the information of your profile; it has insta-report as follows:

  • New and current followers
  • Instagram un-followers
  • Instagram ghost followers
  • Report on your viewers
  • Analytics for the posts

Let’s see some of the reviews about this app.

This app not suitable for how to see who viewed your Instagram profile

Method #5 Followers Assistant Plus

Followers Assistant Plus app gives you the feature like:

  • Details of your competitor’s followers and following list
  • Follower’s assistant helps you to unfollow the users who are not following back
  • Like feeds based on targeted hashtags
  • Follow user based on searched hashtags

Who Views Your Instagram ProfileThis app sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn’t work based on the configuration of your mobile. But it deals with who views your Instagram profile thing.

Method #6 Who Viewed My IG Insta Profile App

Once that you have installed the Who Viewed My IG Insta Profile App, you can easily check for who has been stalking your Instagram account and thus, are interested in your Instagram Stories and posts.

It feels wonderful to get to know who has viewed your profile with this app. The application is very handy and so, its use being very simple, you can very easily run the app and get the required information regarding your Instagram profile.

Method #7 Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile App

You might always be having these several questions in your mind- Who viewed my Instagram profile? How to see if someone has checked my profile? Etc. Well, the answer to all your questions is the Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile app. All you need to do is install this app on your device.

The application will itself perform some calculations automatically for your profile with which you have logged into that app and you can get the results. So, by doing so you will be able to know who is interested in your profile.

Method #8 Who viewed my Instagram

What if you want to know more than just checking who has viewed your Instagram profile? You need to install the Who viewed my instagram. Using this app, you can among your Following list is not following you back, who is not liking your posts, etc. As this application has a very good user interface, it does not bother you.

Method #9 SocialPlus App

SocialPlus App gives more accurate results about people viewing your Instagram profile when compared to most other similar applications. So, just install this application and use it. This application is widely used because of its accurate results and also because of the variety of information that it provides.

You can get to know who has viewed your profile, who has viewed your stories, who has unfollowed you, who has blocked you, who has never followed you back, etc. Well, if get to know so many things about other users with respect to your profile, you can reply to them very nicely. It will surely surprise them and increase your value.

Final Words

This was all about the apps. Remember one thing, the golden rule: “never download the app which asks you about information other than basic information.” Some of the apps are useful, and some of them leak your information including your user id and passwords. This apps works with the “who views your Instagram profile” feature so that you can keep track of all the ones who are following or stalking you. All of the above apps ask for the minimum information, and they’re entirely safe. So, Holla peeps! Keep using Instagram and take care of all the other things as well.



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