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VOB is for Video Object which is one of the oldest format used in DVD in early 90’s. This file has a .vob extension and contains audio, video, subtitles, menu, content, etc. Now coming to the security of the files the VOB file is CSS encrypted so that they can prevent copying of audio, video of the file to avoid copyright issues. Thus, you must know how to convert VOB to MP4.

Coming to playing of VOB files you need a separate DVD player to play the files as they are not supported in any other player. You can also play the files on your PC and MAC or, Windows platform. Some of the famous VOB media players are a VLC media player, Windows media player, MPlayer classic, etc. You also have alternate ways of playing the VOB files, i.e., converting VOB to MP4 files so that they are playable on MAC/Windows.

So as mentioned above VOB files are DVD files and only playable on DVD player you can play these on PC when you convert them into MP4 files as MP4 is supported on every platform. Now to convert to MP4 you need to have some software to do so as without software it is quite difficult to convert VOB to MP4 files.

Converting a VOB to MP4 file is just a piece of cake to anyone whether he is a beginner or an expert.

Process to Convert VOB to MP4 Free

Just follow these steps:

  1. Install your favorite converter on your PC.
  2. Now just run the converter.
  3. Select some .vob file to convert to MP4.
  4. Now after selecting a file then click on convert.
  5. After selecting convert then select the format in which you want to convert the file (MP4).
  6. Then as you choose the format, the file starts converting into the desired format.
  7. As soon as the file is converted, you are ready to go.
  8. So enjoy listening to the audio file.

You can also convert your file by using an online converter. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your browser.
  2. Then search for your favorite online converter.
  3. From the results just select any random converter.
  4. Now as you have reached the converter’s home page just enter the URL of the video or .vob file you want to convert.
  5. Then click on Convert.
  6. Now select the format you want the file to be in.
  7. Your file gets converted into MP4 format.
  8. There is no need to worry about the format and quality of the file as there are the best online converters available.

Here are some great offline tools you can have to get your VOB file converted to MP4 format:

Top 4 VOB to MP4 Converter Tools of 2018

Wondershare Video Converter

Price: 49.95$

The converter with best quality conversions available. The sad part is that the software takes too long to convert a DVD file to MP4. If you are trying to convert an encrypted DVD file to MP4, then you need to download a decryption plug-in to convert it to MP4 files. It also allows you to convert it into the only audio of the DVD. So if you convert the DVD file into audio, you can give it a listen to the sound on your mobile while traveling.

It also allows you to keep the subtitles after the conversion too but the only disadvantage id you cannot switch off the captions after conversion. If you are an expert in converting videos then you might even notice some customization options such as aspect ratio, bit rate, etc., You can also add filters, effects, watermarks to your video and edit it.

Any DVD converter

Price: 34.90$

The easiest converter. The disadvantage of the converter is that it does not have any social media support. It helps you to convert your DVD videos very easily and also easily go through the copy protection on the disk. You can also copy your conversions to your smartphones, tablets, TV, PC using the converter and play it without the help of an external player.

Now coming to the conversion speed it normally takes an hour to convert a full-length Hollywood movie. But the audio file conversion rate is superb. Coming to the subtitles they come even after conversion. But you cannot turn off the subtitles once the conversion is over. It also has the basic editing tools in it.

Aimersoft DVD Ripper

Price: 25.99$

Quickest converter with high-quality conversions. You cannot lower the quality of the file. Even if you lower the quality, the size of the video reduces, and it also reduces the conversion time.

The converter is the best in its work because of there are many customization options, high conversion speed (just 45 minutes for a full-length Hollywood movie), awesome quality, strong conversion profile selection but due to some imperfections, it has not got a good response from people.

Movavi Video Converter

Price: 29.95$

It has the most extensive conversion profile library. The disadvantage of having this is you cannot convert the encrypted DVDs. The best tool to convert home-made DVDs into MP4 format. It only takes 80 minutes to convert a full-length feature film so we can say that conversion rate is high. You also have a wide range of customization available while converting or editing your video/audio file.

These were some of the most used and most popular online video converters available, besides these, there are also Leawo DVD converter, DVD Ripper, Magic DVD Ripper, 123 Copy DVD which would also work pretty well to help you perform your conversions.



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