How to Use VLC with Chromecast? (2018 Updated)


VLC has been one of the best ways to view video files on your computer and Android phones.  Many users have been searching for techniques to stream VLC with Chromecast on PC or mobile. But VLC did not have support for Chromecast.

The developers have been working for a long time to enable the support for Chromecast in VLC, and they finally release the latest version of VLC 2.2.4, which can cast vlc to chromecast. As for now, this feature is only possible in the Windows operating system and still does not work on platforms like Mac, Linux, etc.

You need to understand that this feature is unstable. For some users, it is working perfectly, but for some, it is causing problems regarding different types of media files. The feature is still in early stages and will get better with time, so it is worth trying out.
This article shall discuss how you can use chromecast vlc on Windows PC or Android device.

Use VLC with Chromecast

Windows PC

To go forward, you shall nevertheless require the VLC media player to be installed in your system. Now depending upon your operating system, you shall need to download VLC for 32-bit or 64-bit. When the “.exe” file is downloaded, install it on your PC.

Next, for streaming a file from the media player to your Chromecast, you will need to follow the given procedure below:

  1. Launch the VLC media player.
  2. In the player itself, click on “Video” tab and then click on “Render” option.
  3. After you click the Render option, you will have the option to scan. Click on it.
  4. This will allow the program to scan for all nearby devices.
  5. Next click on Video, Render and then choose “Chromecast.”
  6. Open any media file, and then click on “Play” button.
  7. You can also make use of drag-and-drop to drag the file and open it on the player.
  8. You will receive a popup as “Insecure Site.”
  9. To view Chromecast’s security certificate, click on “View Certificate.”
  10. Next, click on “Accept Permanently“. This will accept the certificate for Chromecast.
  11. Once you do this, the media file that you had selected earlier should begin playing on your Chromecast.

Android Device

For this procedure, initially, you will need to download the Chromecast application on your Android device. To download the latest version which supports the streaming on VLC. After you finish downloading and installing on your device, go forward with the following steps:

  1. After installation, pair Chromecast to your Android device.
  2. Now launch VLC media player and open the file which you want to stream.
  3. Launch the Chromecast application.
  4. In Chromecast, under the “Menu” option, choose “Cast screen/audio.
  5. Instructions will be displayed on the screen. Follow these instructions to cast your
  6. Android device’s screen to your Chromecast.
  7. Go back to VLC Media Player, and change the screen size to fullscreen for the video which you are playing.

That’s it. In this way, you can stream from VLC Chromecast.

The above-mentioned ways are pretty neat and work well to stream vlc to chromecast. Barring the errors with certain media files, these techniques are bound to work.



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