Ublock vs Adblock: Which One to Prefer in 2018?

UBlock vs Adblock

Ublock vs Adblock: Often we come across ads while surfing the net. Well, the advertisements online are the source of income for all big and small websites on the internet today. The ads shown on the webpage seems to be very irritating to all the users. The frustration caused to the users is due to the reasons that these ads cover up the content or open in the new tab and cause harm to the system through malware.

So basically the ads are not healthy and needed to be blocked. To accomplish this, as an extension to the browser we have some tools for ad blockers named as Ublock and Adblock. Specifically, it is very tough to say which of the two is better whenever it comes to Ublock vs Adblock. The article here will try to figure out the main difference between the two and let you decide which one is better.

The use of advertisement blockers is increasing day by day. But some people do not suggest the use of these ad blockers since they are suspicious and unauthentic at times. Still, to minimize the load time and save the system against viruses and threats, we prefer using these blockers.

“Adblock and Ublock” are the free and open source. Adblock was started back in 2006 by Vladimir Palant and is licensed under GPLv3. It helps in blocking ads and disables tracking. Ublock was launched in 2014 by Raymon Hill and is licensed under GPLv3+.

So, let’s head towards the Ublock vs Adblock race and find out who wins the match in being better:

Ublock vs Adblock: User Interface

The user interface of Adblock and Ublock are easy and user understandable. No significant differences can be laid down on this feature. Again to explain, the user interface of Ublock is said to be cleaner than Adblock.

Ublock contains a start/stop button along with the stats of the locked advertisement. The Adblock comprises of enabling and disable button and the stats page along with it. As per the views of the user, Ublock has a more comfortable layout and feasible to learn and use.


Ublock vs Adblock: Settings

Usually, the demands of the users are high, and they seek for settings that facilitate them with more options and by their requisite.

The settings tab of Ublock is not easy to use for the one who is new to technology. While in Adblock, it is easy for the users to access the settings. Advanced users may head towards advanced Ublock options, but less knowledgeable users may prefer the ease of configuration of AdBlock.


But whenever it comes to the options available, Ublock has ample of them. It allows us to collect blocking markers established across the network by AdBlock users. It gives us a list of third-party filters and has a higher number of them enabled by default.

Ublock vs Adblock: CPU and RAM Consumption

Ublock here also wins the race with Adblock. The Ublock consumes less processor time and low RAM as compared to Adblock. It manages to save 40 percent of system memory allotted for the browser.

Ublock vs Adblock: Functions and Features

Ublock as compared to Adblock has more features and functionality than Adblock. With Adblock, you will always need to guide about what to lock and what not by adding external filters. The Ublock has a default feature of the blocked site. In Adblock despite blocking ads, one can disable tracking, malware domains, and social media buttons.

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Ublock vs Adblock: Availability

The Adblock is available for Firefox, Android, opera, safari, Maxthon, Yandex browsers and internet explorer. The Ublock is available for Chrome, firefox, safari, chromium, Microsoft Edge and Opera. The Adblock availability is for more browsers than Ublock. In the past few years, Ublock has still gained more popularity.

Popularity and Availability

AdBlock was released nearly eight years earlier than uBlock Origin extension. But, when we consider the popularity of both and number of users currently, uBlock is much ahead than AdBlock. Both this software are open-source and thus, available for free. AdBlock, when compared to uBlock is available for more number of platforms. It is available for Android, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc. uBlock has gained popularity in just last three years. Its growth has notably increased by 800%. But, when comparing both in terms of availability and popularity both, AdBlock can be considered as a winner.

uBlock Origin for Android

There might be a question in your mind that what to do when browsing on an Android device? Well, you do not need to worry more because here is the very handy add-on for your browser to take care of all the ads and make your experience smooth. You need to install the uBlock Origin add-on on your Firefox browser on your device and you are done. It will do its job to make your browsing experience ad-free. The biggest advantage of this add-on is that for using it you do not require to root your device.


AdBlock Plus

The original version of Adblock came in 2002 for the first time. Henrik Sorensen, a student of Danish University has developed it. The original program hid the ads rather than actually preventing them from being downloaded. Thereafter, in 2010, AdBlock Plus was released and made available for Google Chrome only in its initial stage. Later on, it was made available for many other platforms.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin’s first release was nearly twelves years later than the first release of AdBlock Origin. uBlock Origin’s first version was released in 2014 and had a Greek alphabet ‘mu’ in its name which was then very soon removed to avoid confusion. In 2015, the actual project was split into two parts and at present both of them are run separately.


In order to download AdBlock Plus, you simply need to go to the https://adblockplus.org/ website. This site will detect your browser and provide you with the appropriate download link.

In order to install uBlock, you need to go to www.ublock.org. Remember that this website is for downloading uBlock and not uBlock Origin. To download uBlock Origin, type uBlock Origin in the search tab of your browser followed by your browser name and you will be provided with the link to download it.

After downloading, all you need to do is install the extension and you are good to go.


The one which blocks all sorts of ads can be considered more effective than the other one. AdBlock does block most of the ads, but it also lets some ads to be seen because some companies pay for their ads to be visible. So, AdBlock doesn’t block such ads. While uBlock doesn’t see what the ad is and simply blocks it. It blocks all the ads that it can without performing any kind of check. So, uBlock can be considered more effective.

Filter Options

uBlock Origin has a built-in ad list longer than that in AdBlock Plus. However, the length of the list doesn’t really matter as both these allow the users to download third-party lists as per their wish. So, it is a hard category to determine with AdBlock is better or uBlock is.

System Resources

In order to see which of the two extensions use more system resources, we need the help of a tricky experiment. We need to load the homepages of popular gaming websites on Firefox browser in four different ways- with no ad blocker, using AdBlock Plus with non-intrusive advertising ON, using AdBlock Plus with non-intrusive advertising OFF and using uBlock Origin.

Caching should be disabled to get the accurate results. When we did the experiment on an i5 760 @ 4.0 GHz and 8GB of RAM on Windows 10, we found the following result:

Thus, from the above table, it is very clear that uBlock uses a lesser number of system resources than AdBlock.

Summing Up

These are some fundamental differences that can be rough between Ublock and Adblock. From the above content, the readers might have noticed that Adblock is older than Ublock, but the popularity for the next is more. On a general and present perspective, Ublock can be termed better than Adblock, but if you’re using Ublock Origin.

But, in truth, there are no significant differences that can restrict you to use Adblock. If you are one of them, go ahead with it. No harm will be a campaign in any manners. In case, you are one to start the use of blockers, switch for block seeing the popularity and the features offered by it. We’ll also do a ublock vs ublock origin comparison post or the ublock vs Adblock plus if you guys vote heavily for it. Comment down below if you want it.



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