170+ Free Proxy Sites – Best Free Proxy Servers List 2018

Free Proxy Sites

Do you ever wish to browse the internet without leaving any footprints? Or have you tried to access an anonymous website and the WiFi of your organization didn’t let you? Or do you wish to monitor what your employees or students see on the internet? All these problems have a single solution: Proxy sites.

A proxy site acts as sort of a “middleman” between the open internet and the user. When using a proxfree site, the user first connects to the proxy site and then the web proxy free site forwards the requests to the sources such as web pages, games, videos and others on the internet. The user never interacts with the internet directly.

There are some ways proxy sites are employed. They can be used to share a single internet connection on LAN with multiple systems at home or an office. Proxy sites also sometimes speed up browsing by caching a previously visited resource on local hard disk. So, the user gets feedback directly from the proxy Browser which is quicker than accessing the source. This Free Proxy List or sites are used to hide IP addresses of the users for anonymous proxy surfing. It protects users from online attack.

Further, proxylist sites are also used to circumvent regional restrictions on the web. So users from anywhere in the world can access information on a web page even if the web page is restricted in the user’s country. A significant application of proxy websites is to access websites blocked by firewalls. You may not be able to locate certain websites directly because of the firewall settings in the LAN, or ISP restricts them but you, can circumvent that and get access through proxy sites.

Whatever your need be, there are some best proxy servers available online, but users must be cautious of the security and privacy concerns while using them. Here we list the “best free proxy servers for 2018.”

150+ Free Proxy Sites In 2018


Hide.me is a free web proxy server. It provides some webproxy sites for anonymous web browsing. It’s entirely secure as it does not save your IP address for long. It does not keep any log or data it receives from you. The proxy sites available on this server are plenty and exclusive. Any other server does not share them and hence your privacy is secure. The location of the proxy sites and the low ping time ensure smooth and fast browsing. As a result, the server is immensely popular and has a user base of 10 million.

Proxy Sites

The proxy server is super easy to use. You need to feed in the website you wish to browse, and you are good to go. You can also pick the location of the proxy sites. There are furthermore options allowing you to encrypt URL or the page, remove scripts or allow cookies or not. Hide.me also provides easy VPN setup for full device encryption.


Hidester is another free and extremely reliable proxy server. It has 1000+ proxy sites, of which, you can choose yourself one that fits your preference. Proxy sites on this server are classified based on the level of anonymity they provide, country, their type(HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS 4, etc.), speed, port and Google proxy. All the proxies are reliable before uploading on the server. The proxy sites are secure, and no user information is mutual with the requested sites.

Proxy Sites

Hidester is simple and straightforward. You want to type in the URL of a site and choose from the US or European server and click on “ surf anonymously.“ You are confiscating to your requested webpage. The connection is smooth and fast.

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Toolur is a free proxies website. It hosts proxy sites at four different proxy servers in four countries( USA, France, Germany, Netherlands). It allows you to access any website anonymously or unblock favorite sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The best situation about the place is if a proxy site is not delivering reasonable speed, you can switch to a different proxy server in a different location for better gear.

Proxy Sites

Toolur encrypts your IP address before fetching data from the requested website, so it is secure. Also, the server encrypts the URL and the content using HTTPS encryption, so no one knows what webpage you visited or what content you consumed.


Proxysite.com is a free online proxy server to protect your privacy. It allows access to any website on the internet without compromising your privacy. It hosts proxy sites from 20 different proxy servers; 11 in the US and 9 Europe. It employs SSL encryption to protect your information from hackers and other government or non-government agencies. So, even if the requested website is unsafe, Proxysite.com still keeps you safe.

Proxy Sites

It is straightforward to use. You have type in the URL, and you are safely confiscating to the webpage.


KProxy is a quick and easy way to hide your IP address and surf anonymously. You can bypass any restriction and surf the blocked website using proxy sites available here. KProxy has ten servers to choose from. You don’t need to trouble about hackers or your passwords getting stolen as proxy sites are secure. KProxy is relatively simple to use. You can type in the URL and click on “ Surf!”.

Proxy Sites

Additionally, the website also offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox to browse anonymously. It also provides a web browser of its own. Below is some Free Proxy Site List.

VPN Book

It gives you a free and anonymous web proxy which seems cleaner and less cluttered than many other proxies. This proxy has support for HTTPS, and it uses 256-bit encryption for traffic hiding. You can get an option to choose any proxy server in the US, UK or Canada. It is straightforward to change the website that you want to browse from within the VPNBook proxy by typing it in at the top.

Proxy Sites
VPN Book

But, you do not have any control over using or not allowing cookies or not even blocking scripts.


The main difference between other proxy servers and Whoer.net is that if you choose this proxy server, your server would be picked for you or even you can pick it manually from seven different locations. The locations that you can select from are: Paris – France, Amsterdam – Netherlands, Moscow – Russia, Saint Petersburg – Russia, Stockholm –Sweden, London – the UK and Los Angeles – the US.

Proxy Sites

The limitation of this is that you cannot remove the big advertisement that would be visible at the top of the browser and keeps on asking you if you wish to buy VPN service.


Megaproxy has some unique options, and that makes it different from other web proxies. Here, you have the freedom of disabling or enabling OS and browser user agent identification along with the option of removing unwanted and disturbing ads. It also allows you to limit animations to two iterations and also block all the cookies. It is also available free of cost. But, as it is free, you cannot use it to submit information about forms or log in to some remote websites. You can also not download files of size larger than 200 KB, block JavaScript, delete embedded flash files, access HTTPS, and view more than 60pages in five hours.

Proxy Sites


Anonymouse web proxy has been around for many years, and it supports web, email, and Usenet proxies. This website has been translated so that it can be used in both English as well as German languages. It is available for free, but for this version, you cannot get an ad-free experience. To get an ad-free experience, you need to get the paid version with small subscription fees. In the paid version, you can also get to download large files and access the HTTPS websites.

Proxy Sites


This works almost the same as other web proxies. The only difference is that you can use it with Facebook and YouTube. So, you can view YouTube videos without worrying about charges for premium videos. You can disable or enable the following if you use Zend2 web proxy: encrypted URLs, encrypted pages, scripts, cookies, and objects.

Proxy Sites

Hide My Ass!

HideMyAss! is a web proxy that is available for free as long as you connect with the lower speed option and browse. Just pick up a country to connect through and choose Standard as your connection speed. Then select Browse the Web option and enter the required URL. A large number of HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS4/5 proxy servers can be used for free if using this web proxy.

Proxy Sites
Hide My Ass!

Other Free Proxy Sites List

  1. http://fbproxies.info
  2. http://filterbypassproxy.com
  3. http://firstproxy.gq
  4. http://fishproxy.com
  5. http://gonewind.info
  6. http://goodproxy.webcam
  7. http://goproxy.asia
  8. http://gratisspela.com
  9. http://greatestfreeproxy.com
  10. http://stealthy.co
  11. http://streamingvideoproxy.com
  12. http://suedeproxy.info
  13. http://surf-for-free.com
  14. http://surfproxy.co
  15. http://tabproxy.com
  16. http://takeproxy.net
  17. http://thebestproxy.info
  18. http://www.blockednet.info
  19. http://www.blockerbypass.info
  20. http://www.blockoverride.info
  21. http://www.brazilproxy.info
  22. http://www.browse-free.com
  23. http://www.browseprince.info
  24. http://www.browserhide.info
  25. http://www.browsesneak.com
  26. http://www.browsethis.info
  27. http://www.bypassall.com
  28. http://www.bypassrestrictions.com
  29. http://www.cdbplc.com
  30. http://www.centurian.org
  31. http://www.clearsurf.info
  32. http://www.clickshow.org
  33. http://www.surfplaza.info
  34. http://www.surfrat.info
  35. http://www.thecamouflaged.info
  36. http://www.theconcealed.info
  37. http://www.thecovert.info
  38. http://www.theinvisible.info
  39. http://www.theobscure.info
  40. http://www.thepruxy.com
  41. http://www.thesneaker.info
  42. http://www.theunblockable.cn
  43. http://www.theunblockable.info
  44. http://www.theundetectable.info
  45. http://www.theunseeable.info
  46. http://www.theunstoppable.info
  47. http://www.tomatoproxy.info
  48. http://www.zacebookpk.com
  49. http://www.zalmos.com
  50. http://www.zenproxy.info
  51. http://xitenow.com
  52. http://xxproxy.pw
  53. http://xyzproxy.gq
  54. http://youdontmessaroundwithme.info
  55. http://youliaoren.com
  56. http://youserver.nu
  57. http://youtubefreeproxy.net
  58. http://youtubeproxy.xyz
  59. http://youtubeunblockproxy.com
  60. https://www.rapidproxy.us
  61. https://www.removefilters.net
  62. https://www.safeproxysite.com
  63. https://www.sslproxy.org.uk
  64. https://www.stardollproxy.com
  65. https://www.stealthproxy.co.uk
  66. https://www.thebestproxy.info
  67. https://www.uk-proxy.org.uk
  68. https://www.unblocker.us
  69. https://www.websurf.in
  70. https://www.workingproxy.net
  71. https://www.worldcupproxy.com
  72. http://12ealproxy.gq
  73. http://1freeproxy.pw
  74. http://2015-2015.net
  75. http://4everproxy.com
  76. http://4proxy.xyz
  77. http://55proxy.nu
  78. http://5proxy.xyz
  79. http://9proxy.space
  80. http://abproxy.gq
  81. http://anonymouse.org
  82. http://anonymouse.org/anonwww.html
  83. http://arabytec.com
  84. http://ashiden.co.vu
  85. http://b2bproxy.cf
  86. http://bestfreeproxy.gq
  87. http://bitcoin-proxy.com
  88. http://bluebbs.ga
  89. http://euproxy.eu
  90. http://euproxy.pw
  91. http://europroxy.pw
  92. http://everybodyusethis.info
  93. http://exodana.cf
  94. http://f4fp.com
  95. http://fastandfreeproxy.com
  96. http://fastproxyforfree.gq
  97. http://fastproxynetwork.com
  98. http://fasttime.info
  99. http://fastusaproxy.com
  100. http://allunblock.gq
  101. http://alpha1proxy.cf
  102. http://alwaysonproxy.gq
  103. http://americaproxy.info
  104. http://collegeonline3020.info
  105. http://collegeonline3030.info
  106. http://defilter.me
  107. http://defilter.us
  108. http://dochtok.cf
  109. http://dontfilter.us
  110. http://dropoxy.cf
  111. http://dutchproxyserver.com
  112. http://hidemyass.co.uk
  113. http://hidemyip.today
  114. http://hidemyip.xyz
  115. http://hideoxy.gq
  116. http://hidester.com/proxy
  117. http://hidetheinternet.com
  118. http://hidingyour.info
  119. http://highproxy.gq
  120. http://hiproxy.gq
  121. http://hostapp.eu
  122. http://howtounblocksite.gq
  123. http://imnotaproxy.com
  124. http://interncloud.info
  125. http://javascriptproxy.com
  126. http://jezuslovesthisproxy.info
  127. http://justproxy.co.uk
  128. http://justunblockit.com
  129. http://kproxysite.com
  130. http://pearproxy.com
  131. http://phproxy.co
  132. http://piranasurf.ml
  133. http://pkproxy.info
  134. http://playproxy.cf
  135. http://popeyeprox.info
  136. http://popproxy.gq
  137. http://pr0xy.com
  138. http://primeproxy.gq
  139. http://prixy.info
  140. http://pro-unblock.com
  141. http://prointern.info
  142. http://proxied.net
  143. http://proxies.us
  144. http://proxiessites.pw
  145. http://proxify.cc
  146. http://proxify.co.uk
  147. http://proxify.com/p
  148. http://proxify.de
  149. http://proxygrade.ml
  150. http://proxyinternet.me
  151. http://proxyman.info
  152. http://proxyo.info
  153. http://proxyrocket.org
  154. http://proxys.pw
  155. http://proxysite.com
  156. http://proxysite.fr
  157. http://proxysite.it
  158. http://proxysite.pl
  159. http://proxythis.info
  160. http://proxyvpn.gq
  161. http://proxyzone.org
  162. http://puzzle-proxy.com
  163. http://quickproxy.co.uk
  164. http://rapid-proxy.net

You can also share some sites with us. We will add them up in the list.



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