14 Best Free iCloud Bypass Tools {2018 Updated}

iCloud Bypass Tools

iCloud Bypass Tools: iCloud is one of the essential features that Apple has come out with since its inception. With the iCloud application, users can store up to 5GB extra for free. Furthermore, as it involves cloud computing, the data is stored in the ‘cloud’ and hence can be synchronized to the users Apple account. Thus, it can be admittance on any Apple device that has an internet connection.

This makes it extremely useful as it allows users a lot of freedom and accessibility when it comes to storing, transferring or accessing data. The application is also highly useful as a security feature. For example, if a mobile phone gets stolen, a user can access the data on the phone through their laptops and wipe data that is present there, hence, preventing it from being stolen.

Though the security feature is a good thing, in some cases, it might be taxing to work around it. Whenever an iPhone is unmoving, you have to the re-enter the users Apple Id and password, to enable it. This article will provide an overview on some of the primary tools and application that serve as iCloud Bypass Tools to help users get over this problem of activation.

14 Best Free iCloud Bypass Tools

Official Phone Unlock

Official Phone Unlock is a reputed option that comes under the category of service rather than a tool and is one of the most popular services to help you solve the activation issue. This service is run by professionals which makes it not only easy to use but also efficient. It is hassle-free as there are no issues with the software. The only drawback to this service is that the user has to pay for the service before using it; the amount to be compensable is resolute by the device. This is the first and the best iCloud activation lock removal.

iCloud Bypass Tools

iCloud Bypass Tools

This iCloud Bypass Tools has a lot of uses making it another popular choice. The machine can be in use for almost all the primary iOS devices. Though it comes with a lot of features and tutorials that make it easy and efficient as well as helps with its use, this tool comes with its own set of drawbacks.

Firstly, the tool does not support the latest versions of iOS or the most recent Apple Devices. Due to the multiple functions, it can perform, there has been a lot of complaint about the speed at which it operates which has lent to its low rating. This will also be called as iCloud activation bypass tool.

iCloud Bypass Tools

Open My iCloud Tool

This Open My iCloud Tool is said to be one of the most effective. The application is improbable to be able to unlock the iPhone or Apple Device in under 10 minutes. One of the significant disadvantages is that the app is only available for Windows 10/8/7 OS. However, it can support most of the latest Apple devices or programs and hence is always a proper consideration.

Doulci iCloud Removal/Unlocking Tool

This Doulci iCloud Removal is one of the most accessible means to use due to its user-friendliness and efficiency. The user interface is well equipt, and you can unlock the iOS device in under 20 minutes. The tool is entirely free and has informative tutorials which add to its appeal. It is also said to support every updated Apple device or software.

iCloud Bypass Tools

iCloudin Tool 

At a glance, the iCloudin tool also comes with many of the features that make the previous tool attractive such as it is free of charge, works or supports all Apple devices and software, has an excellent rating and has good tutorials to help the user navigate through the app.

The only drawback of this free iCloud unlock tool is the difficulty that may come with browsing the website as well as some of the issues that may arise while using the tool itself.

iPhone 4 Hacktivate Tool

As the name suggests, this iPhone 4 Hacktivate Tool is exclusively for the user who has an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. You can block the device by transferring the software on a Windows OS, in the DFU mode, through a USB port. Following the instructions on-screen should assist the user in solving the issue. This iCloud activation tool is thus easy to use and follow and is the best method for iPhone 4/4S users.

iCloud Remover

This is another free iCloud Remover Bypass tool that is supported by most of the updates iPhones and is easy to operate. This tool is essential due to the simplicity with which it functions. You can download this application and install it by connecting it with a USB cable. After this, just, clicking on the ‘Bypass Activation Lock” button on the tool will unlock the phone and hence allows the users to use it as they wish.

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Gadget Wide Tool

Gadget Wide Tool is another viral iCloud removal tool due to its friendly user-interface, easy to use and efficient nature and the high-compatibility it has with Apple devices and software.  The tool is free and has pre-configured settings and tutorials that can ease the process. Furthermore, it does not host a lot of advertisements thus making it faster and easier to navigate as well. The only disadvantage of the tool is that it can only be in use through a computer.

Bypass iCloud Activation Tool

This iCloud remove free online tool helps the users to connect directly to the iCloud servers and thus, to activate iCloud. As it is a convenient tool, it is being used very widely and is gaining popularity. The website of this provides a 24-hour service and support for any kind of issue that the users might have. Although it is convenient and thus, easy to use, it can be said that it is more complicated than many other tools that we have seen so far.

Removing iCloud Activation Lock Tool

Using iCloud Activation Lock tool you can bypass the iCloud very easily. The website of this tool provides you with a guide on how to use the device efficiently to make it easy. The most important advantage of this tool is that it is available for free. Also, it is straightforward to download and use. Still, this tool doesn’t have a high rating among its users. This tool is supported for all iPhone, iPad, iPod models. When we consider the OS, this tool is supported by iOS 7, iOS 7.1, iOS 8, iOS 9.

iCloud Bypass Tools
iCloud Activation Lock Tool

Using the Official iPhone Unlock Tool

Official iPhone Unlock Tool is highly professional software for bypassing iCloud and is not free of cost. It is capable of unlocking any iPhone model, including the latest iPhone X. Apart from just iPhones, it can also open Apple watches, iPads, and iPods. It removes the iCloud sign-in menu from the device permanently and allows you to create a new account for your device. Try checking the application once as it will most probably give you the expected solution.

iCloud Bypass Tools
Official iPhone Unlock Tool

iActivate iCloud Remove Software

iActivate iCloud Remove Software a window based application is pretty simple to use. This icloud removal tool application can remove the iCloud Apple ID account from the activated device- iPhone. iPad, iPod, etc. This application can be in use for any model of any Apple device.

iCloud Bypass Tools
iActivate iCloud Remove Software

Bypass iCloud Activation Tool

This can be thought of as one of the most accessible tools being used currently for bypassing iCloud. All you need to do is download Bypass iCloud Activation Tool and install it on your computer. Now, connect your Apple device via a USB cable to your PC. Now, click on the Bypass Activation Lock button form the tool and you are good to go. If you are using this tool, you get full support from the website providing the tool and thus, make the process easier.

iCloud Bypass Tools
Bypass iCloud Activation Tool

iCloud DNS Bypass

This is another way by which most of the devices can be unlocked. iCloud DNS Bypass have their private apple servers, and thus, they let you connect through those servers to circumventing the lock. You can download this iCloud unlock tool free through its official website.

iCloud Bypass Tools
iCloud DNS Bypass
  • First of all, connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and then click the “i” icon that appears on the last right.
  • Now, scroll down to the DNS Section and click on Configure DNS to do iCloud bypass activation.
  • Now, select the Manual mode and delete the existing DNS address and use the following address: DNS:

Final Words

We hope that this article provides you with a comprehensive and informative list of the top “iCloud Bypass Tools.” Users could use to solve the issue of activation using these iCloud Bypass Tools. Such problems can be frustrating to encounter. We hope that by overcoming them, the user can get their phones back to complete working condition.

If you are aware of any other remarkable iCloud Bypass Tools, then please let us know in the comment below and we’ll add it our guide if it’s really genuine. Cheers!



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