15 Best Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online

Best Anime Streaming Sites

Best Anime Streaming Sites: Anime is most famous for Anime movies and Japanese Anime series which are loved by people. Many people used to watch these Anime series on television which created trouble for them. But now, you can watch these Anime episodes via best Anime streaming sites from anywhere anytime!

Watching Anime online via Anime Streaming sites is one of the most popular things a man is doing now to relax some time from his busy life.

Watching Anime online never gets older, whatever is your age, you can watch them anytime. There are various Anime’s that never gets old like Dragon Ball, Bleach, Death Note, Attack on Titan, One Piece, etc. A few years back, people watch Anime’s on TV only but now, almost all of them are streamed online making it efficient for people to watch them.

Here, TechAbsolute will tell you about Best Anime Streaming Sites to watch Anime online. You have to focus on the best site among all of them as there are specific sites available in the market that assures you to watch Anime online for free. But after some time, these sites might get offline when you are watching any Anime series, and if that occurs, then you have to find the same Anime series and episodes over again.

Most of the people are looking for free Anime Streaming sites as watching Anime series has become a habit for them. But, they don’t know precisely about the best Anime websites to watch Anime online. So, here are some of the Anime Streaming sites to watch and download Anime online without any problem.

You can visit these sites mentioned below via any smartphone or PC or Laptop or Tablet. All of these Anime Streaming sites allow you to watch your favorite episodes on 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

Given below is a huge collection of Best Anime Streaming Sites through which you can watch Anime online from anywhere-

List of Best Anime Streaming Sites


This site is known to be the number one site to enjoy watching Anime online. They have an extensive collection of English dubbed Anime so, if you are a native speaker of English, this site is best for you! If you want to download your favorite Anime series to watch them later, you can download them in HD too and can watch them offline then.

Best Anime Streaming Sites

This will not require any data connection once you download them. But remember, you need a PC or any device that supports high-resolution videos as 9Anime can be streamed in HD only. You can find any Anime easily while using 9Anime, but this site has one problem that is an advertisement. They stream shows along with ads which might be frustrating sometime.


Kissanime Mobile site is known as the king of Anime download Streaming sites which is most browsing and old site. You watch any time of Anime here like Manga or dubbed or anything else. They have a huge collection of Anime for their fans. This site loaded within 10 seconds and optimized to use low-bandwidth. They systematically upload Anime series with different quality from 240p to 1080p.

For watching your favorite shows or series, you can access this site quickly, but, if you want to download them for watching later, then you have to register to this site. They don’t charge anything for watching shows. Also, the app of KissAnime is available in the Play Store through which you can watch any episode you want to. Here, you will get cartoons or mega-series in very high quality too. This site also assists HTML 5 through which you can watch Anime on your smartphone too.

Best Anime Streaming Sites

For watching any show you have to search the name of the show in the search bar, the result will appear within seconds. If you are not able to see any show in the list, then you can request them also for the desired show. There is a problem with adds which arrives during the series but apart from this issue, this site is best!


Here, you can watch Anime online for free, and you will not face any of the ads during the whole series. You don’t have to register to this site for accessing the content and also, there are no charges for its subscription. AnimeStreams has a clear and user-friendly interface along with navigation in black.

This black navigation displays you essential contents like English Sub, A-Z list, and Request, English Dub, Anime Movie, chronologically sorted list, ongoing media, etc.

Best Anime Streaming Sites

You can get dubbed and subbed Anime here. The whole process of Animestreaming is so smooth and swift. There is a search bar also available in the sidebar through which you can quickly search the name of the show or series you want to watch. If any series or show is not available in the given content, then you can request them too. You can select Anime’s from multiple servers also. Therefore, Animestreaming is on our list of the Best Anime Streaming Sites.


Crunchyroll is also one of the best Anime sites to watch Anime online. Here, you will get Japanese videos and Asian content in different languages. That means you don’t have to download any additional subtitles or audio tone for watching Anime. For using this site, you have to register first.

Although this site is free, you will get only 15,000 hrs for 25,000 episodes. And if you want to watch unlimited shows, then you may go for the premium plan. For this, you have to pay $6.95 every month, and you will get 14 days of the trial period also. Apart from Anime shows, you will get to see Manga shows here.

Best Anime Streaming Sites


AnimeSeason has everything which an Anime lover wants, and it had enhanced to a huge success in browsing industry. Just like other Anime Streaming sites, it also has various types of episodes and series uploaded in its platform. Almost everyone who visited this site at least once had loved this site so much, and the reason behind is its perfectness! This site is well corporate systematically, and you will not feel any issues while watching them.

Best Anime Streaming Sites

AnimeSeason does not allow children under 13 age to watch their videos. The Japanese content of AnimeSeason is dubbed in English which means you don’t have to add subtitles to them! Always remember one thing while using this site! Don’t ever post any offensive content on this site otherwise; you will be “blacklisted.” This, among the Best Anime Streaming Sites, doesn’t take any responsibility for their content as the third party uploads them. Here you will also find anime list also.


Anime-Planet is an “open source users driven” site in which most of the users upload videos. It has approximately millions of users in a month which makes this site one of the most popular site among others. At first, you have to register yourself on this site then only you can explore this site. It has a huge collection of about 50,000 video contents with the categorization of dubbed, seasons, recommendations, etc. This site also doesn’t charge anything from users for watching videos indefinitely. So, people who have completed their free hours in other sites can jump off to this site to continue to watch their videos.

Best Anime Streaming Sites


This site is also one of the best Anime Streaming sites which have a huge database as compared to other sites. If you are looking for dubbed Anime in HD quality, then you must visit AnimeXD at least once! The theme of this site is dark which makes it more attractive and the sidebar in the right displays trending videos voted by people on this site. It also has a search box through which you can search for any of the videos you want to. It has one more unique feature of “live chat” through which people can interact with each other.

Best Anime Streaming Sites


Hulu is one of the most popular Best Anime Streaming Sites in the world. Hulu doesn’t contain an extensive collection of movies but, it has a lot TV and Hulu original shows. If you are looking for the best Anime and some additional content, then you should visit this website.

But, this site is not free of cost. You have to pay some amount for accessing this site. However, its monthly subscription comes with 30 days of trial which is quite affordable. However, you can access Best Anime Streaming Sites (Hulu in this case) only if you are in the UK, America, Europe and some parts of Asia.

Best Anime Streaming Sites


You can watch Anime videos online at Masterani which displays in HD. Here, you will find different Anime series based on viewers ratings through which you can choose the best one to watch! It contains story based and sensible videos which can be downloaded as well via Masterani app. This site includes a unique user interface and is corporate systematically.

One of the best features of this site is that they update the site with trending stuff so that you can easily find recent uploads. This is the reason people love to visit and use this site frequently. This site contains a schedule through which you will be aware of the exact time of your favorite movies or series or shows.

Best Anime Streaming Sites

Watch Anime

You will find the best and most popular trending Anime stuffs here! If you are looking for a site in which you can surf indefinitely then, you must visit Watch Anime! The popularity and charm of this site are rapidly increasing because of its huge content. You can watch any of the show from the 1950s to till now by searching them. The content of this site is so vast that you can enjoy life without paying anything to them.

Best Anime Streaming Sites


Chia-anime.tv - Best Anime Streaming Sites

It is just another website which provides anime for free. It is very much similar to Kissaninme, and so it will do wonders for you. This site lets all its users access all the anime series from all time for free. It even provides the latest ones. The site is very innovative, and so it must be visited at least once as innovation is at the top of everything in today’s world. The series is being updated at a very high frequency. This site updates the anime nearly ten times faster than any other similar website.


GoGoAnime - Best Anime Streaming Sites

It is another website for streaming dubbed anime online without any cost. It lets you stream the episodes that are only available in the Japanese language with explicit English subtitles. So, you would not miss watching the episode just because of the language constraint. The database of this site is so nicely maintained and refreshed at regular intervals that the users do not feel any inconvenience. It also has a very friendly GUI too. Moreover, the site makers have also made available an application- GoGo Anime fro Android as well as iOS users.


AnimeLand - Best Anime Streaming Sites

This is also one such site that provides you the facility of streaming anime shows online as well as download the shows for free with just a click. The content presentation is not so attractive, and it feels more like a spam category from the viewpoint of the design of the site. It is not so easy to navigate through the site and find new titles. Many anime serried could be found on this site in dubbed and subbed form. It normally takes two-three advertisements till you finally reach to your actual video. So, keep this site as a backup plan if no other site helps.


AnimeDaisuki - Best Anime Streaming Sites

After the very popular site for streaming anime online- Daisuki was shut; its users were waiting for something similar to come very soon. If you too are one of those people, you need to thank this site for providing a similar platform only better. Now that this site is live, the streaming has become easier than ever before. It is a one-stop for all HD quality anime series and that’s why it is one of the Top Anime Streaming Sites. It always provides two mirror links for every video, so if one failed, you can use the next one. Unlike all other sites for anime streaming, this site provides you the facility of downloading the episodes. The download option will be visible at the bottom left corner of the video player. The interface is very user-friendly.


Animelab - Best Anime Streaming Sites

If you want to stream dubbed anime online with premium quality, this site is a perfect stop for that. But for using this site, you should be from New Zealand or Australia. This site is a legal place for watching anime without having to pay a single dime. The dubbed anime streaming requires a premium subscription. The cost for New Zealand and Australia is almost similar and near to AUD 6. So, just stream your anime over here to get a very good quality of the video.

Final Words on Best Anime Streaming Sites

Finally, we have reached at the end of this article so, and these are the best anime streaming sites available on the internet today with unique design, presentation, and different formats. If you are fond of watching Anime online, then you must visit Best Anime Streaming Sites at least once and try their awesome interface. Every website provides you best anime online but in a different manner.

Also, do comment if you’re aware of any other Best Anime Streaming Sites that you personally use. We’ll feature them on our list of the Top Anime Streaming Sites Online.



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